Why Juice Cleanse?

To feel lighter and be healthier! To give your stomach a break from digesting and breaking down all that processed food, excess caffeine and alcohol, saturated fats and toxins in your system.

Cleanse Benefits

ther great benefits of a three day juice cleanse in Houston include flooding your system with more essential vitamins and minerals, reducing your appetite to eat comfort food, increasing your daily energy and clarity level, and having better overall health.


How to begin?

To get the most out of a three day juice cleanse in Houston, or any of our shorter or longer cleanses, cut back on and eliminate caffeine, alcohol, grains, processed foods and animal products from your diet a few days in advance. It’s also important to drink plenty of water. The first few days of your cleanse may be tough. You may potentially experience a slight headache, blemishes, a sensation of hunger and more frequent trips to restroom. But soon, you will feel light and more energetic!

How to come off a cleanse?

Whether you are coming off a one-day or a three day juice cleanse in Houston, the key is to slowly re-incorporating solids into your diet. No two people will have the exact same sensations following a juice cleanse. Fruit is highly recommended, as are light soups and smoothies with protein. It’s also essential to continue drinking plenty of water. Now you have a great opportunity not to fall back into old, comfort food eating habits.