How Healthy are Acai Bowls?

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Acai bowls are one of the latest food crazes sweeping through the USA, especially in Texas. The combination of fresh fruit and other tasty ingredients in a refreshing bowl is perfect for people looking for a quick meal at lunch or dinner. But are they healthy? It turns out that the answer can be a bit complicated, whether you are enjoying an acai bowl in Houston or NYC.

The reason being that an acai bowl in Houston will likely have entirely different ingredients than one anywhere else. Many fantastic restaurants will offer a wide range of acai bowls for people to enjoy. And with those different ingredients comes different levels of health. And when you factor in the many different dietary needs of different people, it’s hard to label one bowl as simply healthy for everyone.

That said, if headed to a place that will serve you a custom acai bowl in Houston, here are some tips to help you make your acai bowl extra healthy.

1. Go Half Veggies and Half Berries

The key to a healthy acai bowl is a balance. Too much vegetables and the acai flavor will be lost. Too many berries and the meal will be too sweet and too sugary. In general, a half-and-half approach is best. Leafy greens, like kale and spinach, are also an excellent option to get in some healthy ingredients.

2. Ask Your Server

One of the best things you can do if you are looking for a healthy acai bowl is to simply ask the person making it what they recommend for extra nutrition. After all, they make these bowls every day. Ask them what would make the bowl healthier and consider their suggestions. At the end of the day, it’s your bowl. But it doesn’t hurt to ask an expert.

3. Get Some Protein

Along with the fruits and veggies, another way to boost up your acai bowl’s nutritious value is to get some protein in it. This can come in many varieties, from low-fat yogurt to hemp protein or even peanut butter. All can add some delicious protein to your bowl and make it even healthier.

4. Avoid the Fat

Low-fat yogurt is an excellent source of protein and low in fat. Curiously enough, many acai bowls can actually be high in fat because of high-fat dairy products, so make sure to opt for low-fat or no-fat varieties when you can. Alternative kinds of milk can help keep the unhealthy fats low and make for a tasty bowl that’s much better for you.

The answer to “are acai bowls healthy?” is admittedly a little complicated. Every bowl and every restaurant, from the place serving you an acai bowl in Houston to anywhere else, will have different ingredients. That said, there are some usual constants, and things to look for that will make them a healthier choice for you. And if you are looking for a healthy acai bowl, JuiceWell lets you create your own so that you can pack it with plenty of healthy options for a nutritious and delicious bowl.

Wen Qin